Miss Midgies Preschool, Educational Child development center, located in West Babylon, loves the idea of being a full service Preschool with an intimate family feel.

Our age appropriate, copyright program, Drawn-2-Learn Educational Series, includes the key points of todays learning development while including respectful interaction with other children.
Reading, Math, Science, Mindfulness, Social Skill, Outdoor Play Areas, Games and  Art in a caring atmosphere is what we offer.
Miss Midgie’s Preschool facilities is Town Of Babylon Building Dept approved, as well as the Fire Marshall.  Miss Midgies Preschool has received a  Proclamation award by the Town Supervisor.
The staff has  First Aid Certification as well as CPR Training.

Discover the advantages of this school as others have and you will understand why this school stands out for child development

Midge Leavey

Midge Leavey

Founder, Owner, Author

Miss Midge is a mom of 2 adult boys, successful Business Owner and Teacher for 17 years. Midge Leavey is a Mindful Educator and Children’s Book Author.   Her book, The Missing Mommy Cure, has helped many children who suffer from separation anxiety.   In 2014 she was asked to create a Mindful Preschool Curriculum, which is now  being used around the world.  She is currently working on her new academic Pre-K curriculum “Drawn2Learn” which will ensure creating mindful, successful children who will gain self esteem and have the ability to gain the knowledge for academic success.

Click here to see Midge Leavey you tube interview with FOX News Anchor Ernie Anastos discussing Children Anxieties.

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Gregg Lewis

Gregg Lewis

Director of Marketing Operations

After 28 years of operating his own school business, Mister Gregg joined Miss Midgie’s as the Director of Marketing Operations at Miss Midgie’s Preschool.
Gregg adds management skills to our preschool events, implements and oversees creative ideas for local charities, supports community events and management skills.

Eve McDevitt

Eve McDevitt

Staff Coordinator, 4 Year Old Pre-K Teacher

Miss Eve has been working at Miss Midgies Preschool for 10 years. She began as the Mommy-n-Me teacher and later became a classroom assistant for 6 years. During that time, she worked hard and received all of her qualifying certifications to be a teacher and has been one of the 4-year-old Pre-K teachers ever since. To compliment her certifications, Eve also has an Associates Degree in Business and Office Management. Aside from working with children, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 children, one of which attended Miss Midgies Preschool. She enjoys traveling and arts & crafts as well. Her experience has taught her that each child learns at a different pace as well as with different types of instruction. Therefore, she enjoys researching and implementing techniques that will help all children succeed and be as prepared as possible for Kindergarten.




We welcome Miss Meghan this year to our team! Meghan will be teaching our 4 year olds alongside our longtime, lovely Assistant Miss Erna. Meghan has demonstrated great leadership skills as a coach and mentor for young children. She has a Bachelor’s Degree and besides for the love of children, Meghan has an interest in writing and adding to our curriculum. Miss Midge has known Meghan’s family for a few years and is excited to have her as part of the team.

Miss Amanda, who is currently attending college for Early Childhood Education is excited to join us. Miss Amanda has worked with children for several years while attending college to further her career in the Educational Field. As you will see, her excitement to teach and add her own flair to the 4 year old Afternoon Class will add a fresh, new and exciting feel.

Colleen Peretti – Our 3 Year Old Preschool Teacher

  5 years experience as an Early Childhood Educator. Graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education from Dowling College with a dual certification in Special Education. Experienced working with Elementary students as well as Preschool age children.  She also enjoys spending time reading, exercising, and spending time with my husband and two children- Amanda who is 10 and Joey who is 6.  Joey had attended Miss Midgies Preschool, which made it all possible for her to work here.   I love traveling with my family as well as learning new and exciting things!  My philosophy for learning is that each child is unique, and each child learns in a different way. One of my jobs as a teacher is to help your child discover his or her individuality and work alongside with them to maximize it. I believe in hands-on experiences, learning creatively and learning through play.

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 Regina Pyle – Miss Regina – 2 and 4 year old Teacher!


Miss Regina has been working at Miss Midgie’s Preschool for over 10 years.  She graduated with a degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Hofstra University.  Regina has 4 children of her own and loves working with children.  Her Pre. K will prepare your child both emotionally and academically.   She believes each child learns differently and we will use many different methods of teaching to make sure each child is working to his or her full potential. Your child will be learning letter sounds, pre-reading skills, math, science and social studies. Hands on interactive learning is the priority emphasizing academic and emotional growth .

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Lisa Frampton – Our 2 Year Old Preschool Teacher


Miss Lisa is a mom of two beautiful women and she is also a grandmother. She has a Early Childhood Education Degree from Ashford University.  She knows the importance of a good education.   She also knows the special place in the heart for family.   For the past 19 years, she has worked with preschoolers, kindergarteners and 1st graders. She believes in treating each child as if they were her own. Her favorite poem is

Children Learn from What They Live, Dorothy Nolte

If children live with praise,

They learn to appreciate.

If children live with acceptance,

They learn to love.

If children live with approval,

They learn to like themselves.

If children live with honesty,

They learn truthfulness.

If children live with security,

They learn to have faith in themselves and others.

If children live with friendliness,

They learn the world is a nice place in which to live.

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Miss Jessica – Miss Jessica will be a two year old classroom assistant working alongside Miss Lisa. Miss Midge has been a family friend of Jessica’s since Jessica was a little girl. Later, Jessica’s two beautiful daughters attended Miss Midgies Preschool and now she has become a member of our team!

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Michelle DelOrfano

Miss Michelle lives in West Babylon with her husband and 3 children.  Her two oldest children attended Miss Midgies Preschool.  She has 12 years of early childhood experience and has been working at Miss Midgies for 10 years.  Michelle has been a West Babylon Community Youth Club Volunteer for many years.  She finds her job extremely rewarding and loves to assist with the nurturing, socialization and academic growth for all children who attend Miss Midgies Preschool.

Colleen Bernstein

Colleen Bernstein lives in West Islip and she is a mother of three children, Robbie, 13, Kaelyn, 12 and Jessica, 10.  Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Stony Brook University  She is a past committee member of the Bayview Elementary School PTA and for five years she designed the Paul J. Bellew “Birthday Board” as well as other school decorations. For the past two years she has been the Advancement Chairperson for Boy Scout Troop 95 in West Islip.  Coming to work is incredibly satisfying because being a part of a child’s education is the most fulfilling experience a person could ask for. Making school a fun and enjoyable experience helps learning come more naturally to a child.

Erna Cahill

Miss Erna has been a teachers assistant at Miss Midgie’s Preschool for the past 6 years and has worked with all age groups.  Prior to working at Miss Midgie’s she has worked as a teachers assistant in a infant room at a day care facility. She is also a certified nurses assistant and has worked  in nursing homes as well as with many private nursing cases in peoples homes. She enjoys her home life with her  husband Kevin and three beautiful daughters. Sara is our oldest and she is 22 years old and is a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University. Gabriella is our 14 year old and she is a level 10 competitive gymnast and then there is Emma who is 10 years old and is a competitive dancer.   Erna is originally from Iceland and speaks fluent Icelandic and of course English.


Marisa Saravisky

Miss Marisa is a West Babylon alumni. Towards the end of her sophomore year in college she was unhappy with her major. She came to the conclusion that the field of Communications was not for her. She transferred schools to follow her true passion: Education. She studied Early Childhood Education at Suffolk Community College and is currently continuing her education at SUNY Old Westbury, majoring in Special Education. She thoroughly enjoys the experience of working with children which  includes volunteering at schools, babysitting and working for her family’s entertainment business. During her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and snuggling with her dogs. Coming to work each day is an enjoyable experience for Miss Marisa because she is now fulfilling her dream and true passion of working with children. Watching children thrive and succeed in their education is extremely rewarding.

Ana Migliore

Hello, my name is Ana Migliore and I am a teacher’s assistant at Midgies Pre-School. I am fluent in both English and Spanish. I enjoy every aspect of teaching and have realized that children teach us as much as we teach them. I love being employed by Miss Midgies Preschool . It gives me the opportunity to watch young children grow and flourish.
I have 4 beautiful children of my own that keep me very busy with their extraordinary activities. Having children of my own has given me the skills to fulfill my desire to teach children. Last year I moved from Queens to West Babylon and received a warm welcome and love from everyone here. We are a great team with incredible passion for each individual child. I feel very proud and lucky to be a part of such a great group of teachers.