Drawn 2 Learn Curriculum

Drawn2Learn CurriculumDrawn2Learn Educational Series Curriculum was created by Midge Leavey in order to help children live in a world where they love and respect themselves and others. Children learn how to feel “good enough” when making a mistake while learning the academics required for success.

Midge has studied and educated children since 1999. She is a Preschool owner, Children’s book author and a Mindful Educator. Drawn2Learn has been designed to pair academics with mindfulness in order to create a “whole child”. Learning specific emotional skills and academics together will help children focus rather than fidget, respond rather than react and build self esteem rather than insecurities. The Dry Erase workbook allows children to trace and erase or write and re-write with no fear of “making a mistake”. They will learn that trying over and over again is how we learn, grow and succeed. This method will create a more confident, happy child who enjoys learning and will want to learn more!