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Drawn2Learn Mindfulness Classes offered for children Kindergarten – 3rd Grade. This course will help your child with test taking anxiety, learn to focus, extend their attention span, make friends, control their own emotions and build self esteem through fun games and visualization and breathing exercises. This same course has been taught by Miss Midge in the Babylon Elementary school for 42 children and is teaching there again for the 2019 springtime. This is an 8 week course which meets once a week for one hour OPEN TO THE PUBLIC COST $120 FOR THE ENTIRE 8 WEEKS.  THIS CLASS BEGINS EVERY WEDNESDAY FOR 8 WEEKS FROM 4 – 5PM.  FIRST CLASS APRIL 3, 2019


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Please enroll my child for Elementary School (K-3rd)  MINDFULNESS CLASSES  2019 ($125 Fee)

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