A Word

From Our Principal

” As we begin a new year, I’d like to take this time to reflect on the many families that have touched my life. I have made many lasting friendships with many parents of the preschool. Over the years, I’ve had past students visit me many years later.

For example, I had the wonderful gift of a student of mine from 2004 visit me this year. In 2004, my preschool was in my house with no more than 13 children in my class. She is now a young, beautiful woman with the ambition of becoming a police officer. The joy she brought me was incredible.

I often wonder how Miss Midgies Preschool has affected a child’s future success and what type of foundation was given. I am in awe when parent’s show me pictures of their high schoolers and say things like “They made the honor roll! It’s all because of the great start they had at your school”! These are the moments I cherish and plan to continue with all of our future and past students.

Thank you for all the trust and loyalty you have shown me and the staff of Miss Midgies Preschool over the years. “

– Midge Leavey