Parenting expert Midge Levy shares her insights on the benefits of playing for children. She highlights that playing enhances creativity and problem-solving abilities. When children play with each other, they interact and learn how to socialize and be together. They also learn to solve problems on their own, which is an important skill for their development.

Regarding technology, Levy suggests that preschools should be technology-free environments. She argues that children need to socialize and talk to each other while they are at school. While she acknowledges that many parents give their children iPads or iPhones to keep them busy, she advises against using technology to babysit children. Instead, she recommends that children should be encouraged to interact and play with each other during their free time.

Levy stresses the importance of parents playing with their children. She notes that parents should cater their playtime to their child’s personality. For example, some children may enjoy talking about their feelings, while others may prefer physical activities. Playing with children is a great way to connect with them and understand their interests better.

Levy suggests that parents should set aside at least half an hour per day to play with their children. During this time, parents should put down their work and focus solely on their child. By doing so, parents can build a stronger bond with their child and prevent them from nagging for attention throughout the day.

Studies have shown that playing as a child can translate to success in school. Levy has observed this in her own children, who have succeeded in everything they do. She believes that their success is due in part to the importance she placed on play and the absence of technology during their early childhood.

When it comes to activities to do with children, Levy recommends group games, finger plays, singing, and teaching cards for young children. As children grow older, parents can introduce more sports activities. Levy also notes that children love old-fashioned activities and enjoy singing songs and playing games with their parents.

In conclusion, Midge Levy emphasizes the importance of playing for children and the value of parents playing with their children. She suggests that parents should set aside focused playtime each day, cater to their child’s personality, and engage in age-appropriate activities to help their children develop important social and problem-solving skills