As a Preschool Owner for 22 years, of course, going through a Pandemic was a new and unwanted experience for us all. However, I have done my homework throughout this pandemic beginning March of 2020 when we first closed down. Miss Midgies Preschool was one of the first to install sneeze guards, germ killing UV lights through our air system, multiple hand sanitizer stations and so much more.

So, why the influx of enrollment for Summer Camps and the September 2022 School Year?
According to the Dept. of Education in several states, much of the decline last year was attributed to parents choosing to keep the youngest potential students home for an extra year. Enrollment declined, according to for Pre-K students and kindergarten enrollment more than any other grade level. Parents simply felt that it was more important to start their child a bit late rather than risk their health.

But now that it looks as if COVID-19 may be here for quite sometime but at a lesser risk level, parents want their children back at school. They are realizing that their children need to take care of their mental health by socializing with their peers and learning with an in person teacher.


Why is there an influx of enrollment for Summer Camps and the September 2022 School Year?

As enrollment plunged last year, we are already seeing a significant rebound of enrollments across the country.
Schools are committed to closing the learning gaps, supporting mental health and accelerating academic growth, noted

However, due to the upcoming surge for enrolling Pre-K students and Kindergartners this coming school year, “The job of the Kindergarten teacher just got a lot harder”, according to the National Institute of Early Education Research at Rutgers University.



It is extremely important to get your children back on track and enroll early. It is foreseen that many children will be unable to attend their preschools of choice due to the overabundance of children that will be playing “catch up” this year.

Preschool teachers are always committed to preparing all their students for an easy transition into Kindergarten. However, some of our children have skipped Pre-K and may have some struggles with being forced right into Kindergarten.

A great way to have your child catch up before September 2022, is to send them to Summer Camp. Studies have shown the largest learning gap for young children is learning how to socialize, share, play with others, communicate, problem solve. These tools can be learned through a structured camp with several other children attending.


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