Mindfulness Classes

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What is a Drawn2Learn Mindful Educator?
The Expert in Mindfulness and Author of The Missing Mommy Cure, The Wolf Who Cried Girl and curriculum creator of Drawn2Learn Educational Series, Midge Leavey, has designed a copyright, trademarked curriculum in Mindfulness for ages 2 – 4 and ages 5 – 11. Mindful Educators have the ability to help children regulate their emotions, limit anxieties and stress through mindful breathing exercises, build self-esteem, learn to focus, change negative thinking patterns into positive while caring for themselves and others around them.

How Do I Become a Drawn2Learn Mindful Educator?
Sign up for The 10 hour Mindfulness Teacher Training Course by emailing Midge Leavey at missmidgie1@aol.com to request information.

How Can I Take the Certificate Training?
You may attend our in class workshops located at:
Miss Midgies Preschool
155 Route 109
West Babylon, NY 11704

How Long Does It Take to Get a Certificate In Training?
10 hours

How Can I use my Certificate in Training, once completed?
Mindfulness has evolved into the current day mainstay as it continues to be sought after by parents, teachers and principals. As a Drawn2Learn Mindful Educator the goal is to have today’s youth learn in an environment that foster’s skills of focus, resilience, self esteem, and caring in the present moment and throughout their lifetime. Mindful Educators have been hired to teach children in public schools, preschools, daycares, public libraries, yoga studios and in private homes.

How Much Money Can I Make As A Drawn2Learn Mindful Educator?
Anywhere between $500 – $1600 for one hour per week for 8 weeks

Why are the hours based on one hour per week for 8 weeks?
According to Harvard Neurologist, the following question was asked, So how long does someone have to meditate before they begin to see changes in their brain? Lazar: Our data shows changes in the brain after just eight weeks. In a mindfulness-based stress reduction program, our subjects took a weekly class. They were given a recording and told to practice 40 minutes a day at home.May 26, 2015

What Will I Receive When I Begin Training?
* In Class Power Point Presentation given by Midge Leavey
* Discussions which provide a full understanding of Mindfulness
* Interactive Lessons among other trainees and teachers
* A step by step teaching guide
* Lesson Plans within your guide
* Live In Class Teaching or a video to see how to teach in a classroom

If Registered by February 15, 2019, several students will have the opportunity to see a class in session given by Midge Leavey and receive on the job training at one of our local Elementary Schools.

How Much Does the Drawn2Learn Mindfulness Certificate in Training Cost?
The cost is $150 if registered by February 15, 2019. As of February 16, 2019 the cost will increase to $175

When Can I Start?  TBD

First Class held at Miss Midgies Preschool: March 5, 2019 6 – 8pm
March 6, 2019 6 – 9pm
Babylon Elementary School on site Teacher Training: March 7 – April 11 (depending on availability)
Times: 2:30 – 3:30pm – Thursday or Friday
4 hours